—How Does ‘Sweets in Bags’ Work?—

how's it work 3? Sweets in a Bag


Pear drops happen to be our favourite. You will have yours and all we want to do is supply them to you with a simple website and a no hassle delivery mechanism. If we can do that for you, you may do us the honour of coming back for more.


We shall send your sweets in a bag. To keep it simple for everyone, we put this bag in a cardboard box which will slip through your letterbox. So there is no need to be at home to sign for them. We can fit up to 4 bags in each box and will not charge you for postage and packing if you order 4 bags.


Each bag gives you 125g of sweets and to keep the costs down, we recommend buying 4 bags at a time so that the cost of postage is kept to a minimum. A box of 4 bags will cost £10.75 to include VAT and postage.


We can include a personal message, one per box, on the packing slip, just fill-in the ‘Personal Message‘ box at the checkout.

We can also include a print of your photograph or image, which you can upload, one per box, at the checkout.

sweet box 1